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Papa Joe’s is resuming normal operations now that Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted by the CDC. Look for us at an event or festival near you.
Papa Joe’s was originally named Ev Fowlers Caribee Basin in 1937, in 1969 Joe Miller purchased the property and renamed the business Papa Joe’s. In 1982 the business Papa Joe’s was bought by Mr. and Mrs. George R. Gehrkens.
The Gehrkens family still carries on the tradition of serving award wining Florida Keys cuisine; Due to economic hardships and family illness the original Papa Joe’s location closed its doors in 2006, and was renamed to “Mangrove Mikes on the Bay”.
Mr. and Mrs. Gehrkens’ sons have retained ownership of the business Papa Joe’s and carry on the family tradition of serving award winning Papa Joe’s gourmet cuisine at festivals and events.
Papa Joe’s is currently in the process of launching a new trademarked apparel line called Florida Keys Life.
Florida Keys Life is a brand that promotes the Florida Keys lifestyle.
The Original Papa Joe’s may have been demolished, but the Gehrkens family still owns the Papa Joe’s business and proudly carries on the family standards of high-quality Florida Keys merchandise and Papa Joe’s gourmet Florida Keys cuisine.

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